My thoughts on planning life


I was recently asked about my five-year plan and at that time, I was at a loss, I didn’t have a plan. I felt so much pressure to come up with an answer but why should I? I feel like we are expected to plan our lives so early. I’m still pretty young and I clearly don't have it all figured out. Why is there tremendous pressure to do so?

 I'm the kind of person that goes wherever life takes me. I want to do something I am passionate about. It’s not something that comes easy but when you do it’s great. I don't believe we can ever plan our lives. You may try to, but you will always find an obstacle you didn’t plan for. This doesn't mean we can't have goals because what's life if you don't have something to live for? But we must always be open to the possibility that things change. We need to understand that we aren’t stuck. Our interests can change and it’s okay to move on. Life is about the experiences you make, not the ones you regret not making. You cannot plan your every step because in life there are no straight paths. You can either go where the wind blows or get blown away trying to fight the wind. There will always be challenges, challenges that may cause us to reevaluate our plans and goals or challenges that alter the course of our reality.

 I always think about starting new things, but there is always this fear of failure, a fear of going outside my comfort zone. We can’t fail if we don’t try right? Wrong! Regret is the worst form of defeat. Life is like an empty box, it doesn’t matter what you get out of it, and all that matters is what you put into it. Go for it! Put your heart into everything you do, no matter how small. You’ll find yourself opening up to things you never thought possible.

 As we live our lives we must remember, “You can either do good or do well but sooner or later you will have to choose”. 


Rute Ojigbo