4 Things My Father Has Taught Me

As we celebrate fathers on this day, I thought I would share a few things I’ve learned from my father growing up and watching him.


Anytime I’m in doubt of myself, I always remember my father telling me “you must always have the courage to just believe in yourself and have confidence in your abilities.” My father has this kind of way about him, that makes you think anything is possible. Sometimes, I’m confused and left to wonder how he always has that kind of faith.

I remember leaving home for boarding school for the first time; it was a scary moment in my life. My fear was not about school but about if I can make it on my own. My father saw the fear in me even when I tried to hide it. He said “NEVER care about what other people will say, just believe in yourself, and I know you will excel.” Then he told me, “don’t forget the family you come from.” Those fatherly encouragements carried me through a lot of things.


Sometimes in life, people tend to underestimate how essential it is to be wise. My father said wisdom guides you to understand and access life’s promises. When I rebelled, he always cautioned me on my ability to demonstrate wisdom. Whenever my father is asked a question, he is never in a hurry to respond because he always thinks deeply about his answers. “A wise man listens to advice and instructions before he takes any actions, be it business or family,” my father would always say. He never made decisions without my mom, myself, and my siblings having a say. He waits to hear our suggestions and then makes his decision.


My father is a huge role model for me. He is always there; especially in times of difficulty. He never left parenting to my mom. To him, God and family comes first and then other things can follow. Every time my father comes home from work, he would gather my siblings and I so he could find out how our days went. He would then catch us up on his day. He went out of his way to make sure we have the best of things in life. My father’s influence has been a significant part of my development. “Good fathers are involved in their children’s lives and looks out for their best interests. Fathers have to make hard choices and realize that popular decisions are not always the best decisions”.

Respect and Love:

My Father bestowed on us the ability to love and care for yourselves and others. Whenever we had an argument about something, we may have received a spanking, but the end goal was to promote love amongst us. He brought us to the realization that we can all disagree and still respect each others ideas and love one another. There is love in listening.

My father is a very simple and humble man. He doesn’t like being the centre of attention and is a man of very few words, but he is so full of great advice. He teaches me everyday that, “good fathers are able to discern and develop their children’s hearts, soul, and minds.” Fatherhood is an active rather than a passive activity.