Canada at 150 - A nation we love🍁

Canadians all over the nation and around the world have always looked forward to this day. This was the celebration of a significant milestone. Canada was born on July 1, 1867, which means it turned 150 in 2017. We, the great diverse people of Canada came out in full force on that day. In his address to the nation, PM Trudeau said “Canada is one of the most-diverse countries on the planet and also one of the most prosperous. And it's not a coincidence."  Trudeau listed examples of what he called "extraordinary diversity," noting how the country has two official languages with over a hundred other languages being spoken across the country. His government is also renewing relation with Aboriginal Peoples, respecting and giving them a place as one Canada.

On July 1, 2017, the whole nation was proudly red and white, in representation of the colours of our flag. Many across the nation marched to the nation’s capital (Ottawa) - which was estimated to receive over 2 million visitors that day. Those who couldn't make it to the capital went to their local parks to organize and partake in different fun activities for the celebration.

In all, Canada’s celebration symbolized the importance of idea and cultural diversities, and why we must always stand united as one human race....Long Live Canada!