10 things 2018 taught me🤔


It is still surreal to imagine we are days away from 2019. Feels like yesterday I was wishing for 2018 and now it’s ending. Every year comes with its joyous and trying times. Many incidents, events and difficult moments were all part of the things I learnt from 2018. I think it is worth sharing.

1. Sometimes the bravest thing to do is to admit we’re scared—No one ever wants to show weakness, even when it is obvious too many. I saw myself giving excuses for not taking action on something when I feared the unknown. But I learned that admitting my fear makes me human.

2. I was always waiting for people’s approval—I must confess, this is me most of the time. I always wait for the perfect time to act or for people to give me the ahead. Whenever I had an idea or project, I waited for close associates to approve of it. Never again! I am not saying it is wrong to consult anyone before you do anything, but the difference is not executing afterwards.

3. If you want to be good at anything in life, practice! Practice! Practice! This may sound familiar, I have heard this so many times in different ways, but this is so true. It’s common to see people want to be or do something but don’t put in the work. Anything worthwhile takes time to master. A book I once read said “it takes 10,000 hours to be an expert at anything. It takes patience.”

4. The mind controls everything—Believe it or not, if you can get your mind right, you can do anything. I always tell the people at the gym when they doubt if they can lift a particular weight—your mind is playing tricks on you. Everything we do in life is about the right mentality. The mind is powerful.

5. Just because someone is doing something, doesn’t mean you can’t do it too—Sometimes when I think of developing an idea I’d look online, and someone is already doing that thing. It kills the drive to push on that concept. One thing I never realized was that doing something that is already been done doesn’t mean I will do it the same way. The magic is you!

6. If you fear losing, are you ready to win? —Losing at anything can be painful and humiliating. Some of us would rather not do than to fail. I have decided, when I fail at something, I’ll keep my chin up. Losing prepares you for greater things. Always listen to people who share their failures. You have a lot to learn from them.

7. It can be rare to find someone who wholeheartedly wants you to succeed, if you find such people, hang on to them – This one hits home for me, in so many ways. Indeed, it is hard for you to find people who will ensure that you succeed. Sometimes people just pretend that they want you to succeed, but don’t care enough to push you to. I must say it is hard to find such people.

8, 86,400 seconds are given to us every day, why do I waste them? I heard a speaker talk about this and compared it to having money. The question asked was—what of if this was $86,400, will you waste it or spend it wisely?

9. Always tell the truth at all cost—let’s face it, we all lie. Jordan Peterson’s book 12 rules for life, was an eye opener for me. The 8th rule is to “tell the truth—or at least, don’t lie.” We lie because we fear the consequences of saying the truth.

10. Always put God first—This is a continuous battle for me, sometimes, the things of the flesh accommodate the place for God. Sometimes, I blame it on being so busy, but I forget that being alive is itself a miracle.

I know we all learnt some new this year, please share your thoughts as we prepare for 2019.

Wishing you a lovely new year to come! 

Caleb W