The Love We Don't Talk Enough About ❤️


Valentine’s Day as we all know is a day when lovers surprise their partners with a special gift or a night out.  But showing love should go beyond two people. Looking at the world in the last 18 months, families have been shattered, loved ones have been separated because of politics. This is something I have never experienced, and I’m not one to bring politics into things but it has destroyed relationships and societal values.

Let me share a story about a young lady who campaigned for Donald Trump in the last election. Interestingly enough, she came from a liberal family. Of course, her family disapproved of her political views so much so that she was forced to leave the family home. The animosity continued and became a talking point on my social media platforms. The hatred has continued to intensive as the day goes by. So sad!

I began to wonder, what happened to what parents always say; that we can make our own choices and be what we want. What happened to accepting each other regardless of our beliefs? What happened to the saying “love conquers all’? Do we only love people when they agree with us or share similar values or political views?

I’m usually not great about conversing with people with different views because it tends to get heated, but that doesn’t mean I dislike those people. However, I recently found out about the “Make America Dinner Again” which restored my hopes in conversations. This was started by two young ladies - Justine and Tria – who were deeply troubled by the divisiveness they were seeing in their country that has encouraged hatred over love. They would organize dinners and welcome people of different political views to engage in deep conversations about life. Now they have set-up a Go-Fund-Me page to continue to fund this kind of dinners across the nation. Participants of dinner sessions loved the concept and are willing to attend more in the future.


Isn’t that what family dinner tables should be like? Such a great way to show love!

I know I’m not perfect when it comes to having conversations with people, especially when the conversation goes against my belief system – trust me sometimes I can get defensive and even furious but I am learning that even when you argue or don’t agree discussions should always end with love.

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Caleb Williams