The fight is not ours!

We’ve all dealt with situations that seem so out of our control, situations that drive us to question our purpose. When things are beyond your control, that’s when you consult with a higher spiritual force for miraculous intervention. This requires a great deal of patience, but many of us are not willing to wait. God’s plan is always different from what we have planned.

I was fortunate enough to listen to a missionary share stories about his mission trip to Nigeria. When he embarked on his journey, he didn’t know what to expect as with any missionary trip. On his arrival, he was met by a non-Christians community. He started a church with only four people, which proved to be a battle for him. Then, he decided to host a program for the community. He began the program with a movie about Christ, which drove the crowd into agitation. As the movie continued, the crowd began throwing stones at the missionaries. This was just the beginning of the tussle and persecution for this missionaries. It didn’t help that the chief of the land opposed them as well.

But they continued to preach the gospel to their small congregation while relying on God to take control of the situation. These missionaries were threatened and feared for their lives. But God had a plan. One day, the chief went on an adventure in preparation for their annual festival. Upon his arrival back, his rifle, which was on the passenger seat, went off as he tried to avoid a pothole and he was killed. This tragedy shook the community so much so that the villagers went to the missionaries for answers and the missionary told them, my God always fights for me and He can and will fight for you too.


This incident brought a lot of people to know and understand Christ’s teachings. Violence is never the answer but when God has a plan, no one can stop it from happening. Just like the story of Pharaoh when he refused to let the children of Israel go in spite of God’s command. Pharaoh paid for trying to hinder God’s plan for the children of Israel.

The bottom line is that in uncontrollable situations, always know that Your God will fight for you!

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Caleb Williams