Same Old Resolutions, Different Year.


We all know the drill at the beginning of every year, people make their new year resolutions. Some similar to ones they made the previous year—maybe they’ll finally commit to those resolutions this year…but alas, most of us never will.

I remember I wrote about this at the beginning of last year (2017).

Why do people seem to make resolutions they don’t follow through with? Don’t get me wrong, I do this too! Why? In trying to understand this, I looked it up! It turns out only 8% of resolutions are achieved—isn’t that interesting?!

Instead, why not set out to do something you need to accomplish? When you set that kind of goal it creates more drive to accomplish it, it doesn’t mean it will be easy, it all depends on how bad you want it. So, I started asking myself this question, whenever I set a goal—what are the consequences for are not achieving the goal? Scrap the goals that make you feel accepted and focus on the ones that will change your life.

Always start small, small wins motivate you to accomplish bigger goals. Starting small will always be better than not starting at all. Sometimes, your goals may scare you—and that’s okay! - but I have learned that a journey of a thousand miles, starts with a step. We can be consumed with how to start but if you don’t take that first step, you might not take the next one. Weekly, monthly and even quarterly goals can be good goals to set.


My take away…

Consistency, persistence, and pursuit will get you there! Be a part of the 8% that achieve their new year resolution by showing up and putting in the work! You’ll be surprised at how much changes when you show up.

Happy New year everyone!

Caleb W.