Motherhood - The job we never appreciate


What can we do without our mothers? Sometimes we don’t even understand what our mother go through to bring us into this world. I sat down in my space the other day to actually dissect and put this into perspective  - I couldn’t fathom it. My mother once told me what she went through during her pregnancy with me, I was speechless she went through a lot to make sure her children will be ok. Most mothers will do anything to protect their children even if it means risking their lives.

Three characteristics of a great mother

She is always selfless

I have seen mothers who can go hunger just so their children have something to eat. What gives them joy is to see their children is healthy and happy. I heard a story about a mother who sold her business that was generating little revenue for the family just so her child can go abroad to get a better education. Such a great sacrifice that sometimes only mothers make.

She is always praying for her kids

Many years ago, someone said something that sent a shock wave through my body. I quote “you are lucky, your mother’s prayers are still keeping you”… it made little sense at the time. My mother once told me, my son, I prayed for you all week, it is well with you. Only mothers will do this. How many times do we think and pray for people around us? It is always about us. This is one characteristic we should all adapt for us to have a better world.

She is always patient

Permit me to say that you will hardly meet any mom who is not patient. It’s a virtue that many of us lack. I define patience as taking everything in while enjoying the process of motherhood. Do you know how many times, our mothers say things like - God why? Why did you give me this burden? Why me? Etc - this all said in frustration but not intended. You know what baffles me the most is despite the pain of motherhood, most mothers will do it all over again. Wow!!

“Dear God,

Thank you for my beautiful children and for all the love and joy they bring to my heart. Lord, I long to be the Mom that you want me to be, but sometimes I just get so overwhelmed with the tasks at hand that I forget to lean on You. Lord, please use these times to remind me of your loving arms—remind me to be as patient with my children as I know you have been with me. Remind me to rest in You, Lord, and give me the strength and wisdom I need to carry out your will for my life. In Jesus’ Name I pray.



Motherhood is a job that no amount of money can ever pay for. It is worthwhile for us to show appreciation and celebrate great mothers around us. Do anything for them, your reward is in heaven…

Caleb W.